The Lila Rose Show explores questions about relationships, work, health, identity, purpose, and faith, with political and cultural commentary.


Lila Rose is a speaker, writer, podcast host, and human rights activist.

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President Trump will be addressing the March for Life this Friday! He will be the first President to join the March in person. Thank you for your commitment to fighting for the lives of the most vulnerable, @realDonaldTrump!

Did you know:

In Roe v Wade and Doe v. Bolton,

Both Norma (Roe) and Sandra (Doe):

Never had an abortion.

Were poor & struggling.

Were lied to & preyed upon by lawyers.

Both became pro-life advocates.

#RoevWade was built upon the exploitation of women.

So I shared my pretty personal reason for why I’m pro-life on @LiveAction’s Tik Tok.

Make fun of that platform all you want, but it’s dominated by young people who need to hear why pre-born lives matter and Live Action has a rapidly growing account.

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